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Ice Cream Shuffle
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This week on Money Talks we continue tofind different uses for the vagina.First up, we ask a girl on the streetto participate in out biggest specialeffects project to date, The legend ofthe angry Toenado. Thats right, youread that correctly, not a TORNADO aTOENADO. Just imagine the destructivenature of a category 5 tornado, and adda humongous angry clit, and a set ofgiagantic flapping lips. Youve got tosee it to believe it. After that welighten things up and take you for aride, a sybian ride. Nadine hits theroad in her shinny new party bus insearch of some hot ladies willing toride our pleasure machine for somecash. You will not be disappointed withthe girl on girl action that happens atthe end. Lastly, and because it wouldntbe a complete update without some hotsticky sex, the money talks boys go outand get themselves an Ice cream truck.Youre not going to believe the girls wewere able to pull in this ice creamtruck, lets just say we got multiplescoops of titty flashes and we also gotone girl to order the banana split.Youve got to check this out.

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