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Welcome to Money Talks - Where we find out just how far people will go for cold, hard, cash!

Most Recent Webisodes

Update Name: Bikini shop show down

Date Added: 2006-11-29

This week Donnie invades Venice Beach and finds 2 dudes willing to get down for a Money Talks Tea Bag! He also makes a stop in South Beach for some titty and booty flashes, and gets two guys walking down the street to kiss! Then we take you to the hot Bikini Shop Show Down! Money Talks strikes again with Sophie willing to get hot and crazy in the dressing room. check it out......

Update Name: Good tipper

Date Added: 2007-09-18

Crazy dude goes toe to claw with a mexican rooster, humongous display of breastsss, Rosarito Beach mayhem, men and women naked bull riding, anal insertions, panty and bra exchanges, women undressing each other and a receptionist that any man or woman would love to bend over the desk. All this is part of our newest MoneyTalks episode. We look to always kick it up a notch and this week we did just that. Check it out......

Update Name: Full service salon

Date Added: 2007-08-21

Can you guess what the all mighty benjamins delivered this week for your viewing then let me help you. We have some assalicious hot chicks naked in broad daylight who get painted for a graff mural. Random girls flashing tits and thongs .Vagina suction cups puffing up some pussy lips. A man balancing a banana on his dick while a cowboy with a whip attempts to ...damn hurts to much to even say it. My girl molly hooked up with a hottie from a salon, she creamed all over her mouth and then called in rob to fuck the girl. Some insane dude tea bagged a couple of geckos, lets just say there was blood, guts and glory. Check out the flick to see what else people did for the dirty cash. ...

Update Name: Serve it up

Date Added: 2007-03-20

Cold hard cash is what everyone pays attention to. It will grab you no matter what you are doing and swallow you up. Only question is how much. We have got tons of bits for your viewing pleasure this week. From grabbing random chicks off the street and having them kiss other chicks while showing off their tits and asses to talking Neil Steel to take a ride off a kiddie big wheel off a ramp while being towed to drinking some bootylicious beer. And if that was not enough to get you in, we got a pair of great chicks serving up some gelatto. They lick cocks like they were cones and get their pussies fucked good. Money Talks everytime. So you better listen up, we might be getting at you next....

Update Name: Room service

Date Added: 2007-05-01

This is one of our dirtiest updates yet. We got pubic hair mustaches, pubic hair joints, vomiting, and even some street water gargling. All things that will make you say damn money does talk. But thats not all we also got some sexy shit for ya. Like 2 best friends making out topless on the beach. But my favorite is a bit we like to call Death by Racquetballs. We totally pummeled this guy with a barrage of racquetballs. He is gonna have welts til next year. We also got to this super fine latina maid to do a little extra room service. Definitely what room service should be....

Update Name: The rub club

Date Added: 2007-10-01

Money Talks crossed the continent to bring you the craziest, sexiest stunts and rumps this week. We start it off with guys having golf balls swung at them at point blank range. A nice young lady is convinced to draw a picture with her pussy and a smoking lass gets bareback and saddles up. Watch a bodacious blonde shower after a day at the beach. A couple of co-eds in Mexico engage in an ass eyed view of a 3 legged pool lap while a cat in Cali is convinced to don a thong and lay his bare ass on the hot ass asphalt. We get a hottie booty up and bent over in a pair of chaps to play a game of pin the tail on the hottie. Naked quick draw will quench your thirst with a blonde vs. brunette battle and a cutie just trying to get a parking pass lets us see what she has under that skirt! ...

Update Name: Bar tender lovin

Date Added: 2006-10-18

Cles is on the move again and he finds some new and interesting faces for this weeks edition of Money Talks. From Bobbing for Garbage to eating an entire Black n Mild, you gotta check it out! Then Icey and the crew hit up a local bar where they meet Alisha, and Money Talks strikes again with some hot bartender lovin!...



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