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Welcome to Money Talks - Where we find out just how far people will go for cold, hard, cash!

Most Recent Webisodes

Update Name: Blow your money away

Date Added: 2008-01-08

Happy New Year!! Money Talks is bringing in 08 with a Bang!! Get ready to kickoff the new year with our own Money Talks ball drop. Watch the penetration set off 2008! Then prepare yourself for the ultimate flying vagina as Paul the skater takes pussy to new heights!! Its one of our biggest stunts to date. Then we decided to find 2 hot girls and have them race up a stairwell naked in Loft Races. Tits n ass rubbing up on each other in a battle up the stairs . Next we went back to the streets looking for the biggest set of titties for our Big Titty Weigh In!! You wont believe the results on the scale. Our hardcore action takes to a small shop where we found a hot cashier working for 8 dollars an our. So we thought we would help her out with some real cash....

Update Name: Filet of booty

Date Added: 2008-03-18

This webisode is sure to put some pep in your step. Some bop to your hop. Its the Easter special this time around and we have some pretty cool stunts and an awesome twosome serving up a heaping helping of ass. The Easter Bunny Jack The Rabbit has gone a bit psycho and looked for some victims..... I mean... contestants to take a dare for some cash. Taser treadmill...blowdart egg hunting...Antiquing some poor shmuck with flour...and I think he took advantage of the naked blonde bunny hunting for eggs. Zoe is an upscale girl who was dining out with her friend. The waiter at this gourmet restaurant sucked so we decided to invite them over to our hotel room and let them order five star room service in exchange for a buffet at their vagina diners....

Update Name: Pom pom pussy

Date Added: 2007-05-29

What other website brings you diversity like this. You got butthole and mushroom tattoos, fish eye eating, slap contest, and tits and ass flashing galore. And to top it all off we got two FUCKING HOT ass cheerleaders getting it on, in the back of our car. This is yet another action packed webisode. We got some great tit flashes and some nice booties as well. Regular ass chicks just bearing it for some loot. One of the girls had just finished taking out loot at an atm and we still got her to show us her tits and ass. One chick flashed us inside the laundromat...Her was pretty nice too...you never would have guessed from first glance either. Right now I want to tell you about or cheerleading duo that will have you cheering for more once your done watching. These 2 honies are dorm roomies...and i garauntee you this was not the first time they ate each other out. It was beautiful to watch....

Update Name: Haulin ass

Date Added: 2008-03-04

When were not tasering balls, tea bagging scorpions or using Kimbo as a weapon we are trying to fulfill your fantasies.The viewers fantasies. And today is no exception. This week Nadine is left to baby sit her parents house by her lonesome so she decides engage in some risky business.Do not miss a minute of this hot coed action where Nadine convinces her broke college friends to play sexy games for cash. We are having a slumber party Money Talks style. The meat and potatoes of this update comes when Deena and her tow truck bud try to take Billy for a ride by towing his car. ...

Update Name: Diamond girl

Date Added: 2008-06-11

We decided to recreate one of our favorite 80s movies, with a little street bit we like to call Three Men and a Pizza. After that we ran into a girl on the street that actually agreed to lick a grimy subway pole. We also grabbed a little hottie walking down the street and got her to show us her sweet ass tatas. Then we found two friends and convinced them to let us give them a ridiculous Guido makeover. The real meat and potatoes of this update is the sex. This week we walked into a local jewelry store and told the hottie behind the counter that we were looking for our special someone. What she later found out was that by saying our special someone, we really meant our cock. Dont miss a minute because this weeks update because it is hot. ...

Update Name: Taste test

Date Added: 2008-01-23

This week Money Talks invaded the annual AVN awards in Las Vegas! What better place than the Sin City to get Money Talks biggest fans to do painful & embarrassing stunts for little or no money. We Tasered balls, clits, nipples, and even but holes! Nadine made a bunch of guys do some gay ass shit and she even made one dude play dress up. After months of searching, we finally found a girl willing to let us put a jalapeƱo up her ass, and then we got a total stranger to eat it!! You do not want to miss this weeks crazy characters not to mention Nadine hosting TOPLESS from the beach!! Shopping for shoes has never been so much fun for guys....

Update Name: Solo lovin

Date Added: 2006-12-27

This week Cles is on the move all the way from Hollywood Blvd to Clearwater Beach. A couple girls in a store show us what they got for some bills, and a local skateboarder screams Money Talks while riding in his underwear. Then we go shopping and meet Jamie, who is willing to try on some lingerie for the right price, and gets really comfortable for us, feeling up all over her insane body!...



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