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Welcome to Money Talks - Where we find out just how far people will go for cold, hard, cash!

Most Recent Webisodes

Update Name: Try and buy

Date Added: 2008-05-12

This week on the show we hit the streets in a big way and came up with some pretty hilarious bits. First up, we found two lucky guys who were willing to play our outrageous new game show, Spin O Sex. Then we got some dickhead, to let us give him a mohawk, except in the shape of a huge squirting cock. We also found another guy who agree to let one of his buddies spike volleyball in his face, at close range. Then we decided to find out what happens when you grab a hottie with a killer body, 1200 dissolving tablets, a see through fishnet body suit, and a large body of water. Lets say the answer isnt going to relieve any headaches but it will probably give you a boner. For our main course, we decided to hit the mall and do some shopping for our girlfriends, we ended up finding a shy little hottie, working behind the counter, that was willing to let us try on a little more than the clothes. Dont miss a minute....

Update Name: Taxi cab cumfessions

Date Added: 2007-05-15

This week we got it all. Hot girls making out, hot girls kissing, hot girls flashing, hot girls squirting, hot girls riding the sybian. Did I mention we had hot girls. This week we had our boy Everest the Cab Driver let us ride around with him and surprise his clients with crazy ass ideas. But in the end we were the ones that were by a girl who turned out to be a squirter and two by every1 else who actually did what we asked for money. My favorite has the be the girl riding the sybian she was so freaking hot I was gonna ask her to ride me instead, but she said she wanted to stay faithful to her boyfriend. Bummer. We also got 2 hotties 69ing each other and one of them even let Josh hit it. We got a girl trying to put make up on while Everest drives around at ridiculous speeds. We even have a dude pluck pubic hair from his boys nuts and then floss his teeth with them. Overall this is a definite must see episode....

Update Name: Wax the pussy

Date Added: 2007-04-03

MONEY motherFUCKing TALKS. Spring Breakers are in town willing to do anything for cash. We get lemon squirting, tit flashing, wet panties, triple kissing and back slapping, before rob picks up a girl for some hot blowjob and fucking action. On to the main course. We go with Nikki to get waxed. Once we get to the backroom to start the session, we offer Mariah, the waxer, all sorts of promises for monetary gain. After a clean shaven pussy is achieved, we get down to business. Some Franklin Faces and Mariah was bout it. Some hot pussy licking action took place, along some tits banging on each other as they continued to bump camel toes. Money Talks all languages round here folks. We live that shit!...

Update Name: Waiting on the dick

Date Added: 2006-11-15

You guys gotta check out the latest Money Talks!! We find a couple suckers that were willing to put on some medieval armor and joust on beach cruisers. And nearby, 2 guys agree to take a super punch from KIMBO! Then we go eat some columbian food and meet our waitress Alise. After some negotiating in the kitchen, we all get to see that big latin ass and Rob gets a whole lot more! ...

Update Name: Teeny bikinis

Date Added: 2007-09-04

Anal Aroma leads off things this week and you all will not be dissapointed. What is it you ask...just a super gross...yet half sexy bit. I cant even begin to explain it. We also got some dog collars on humans...crazy what that will do to your neck. The best is saved for last of course, where we had our first ever MoneyTalks bikini contest. It was fucking amazing the hotties we had in there. All different flavors as well for your enjoyment. Then we convinced a couple of them to go that extra mile. Yall know what i mean....

Update Name: Cross country coochie

Date Added: 2007-01-17

Cles 1 hits the streets and finds some sexy, crazy, and even famous money talks participants in South Beach Miami. Then Icey and Tony drive right into a girls cross country team, and convince 2 members to go on a wild joy ride. What happened next with these 2 blondes was more squeezing, sucking, pulling, and poking than any of us were expecting! check it out... ...

Update Name: True lies

Date Added: 2007-10-15

This week we got naked bowling...but not what you think it gotta see it. Its fucking awesome. We also offered 2 chicks some money to engulf their body with whip cream and then had two other chicks lick it completely off. On the raunchier side of our episode this week we had Lachelle call her friend Larin over. We offered her 100 dollars to take a lie detector exam. And started asking her a bunch of sexual questions. We found out she had never done anal before so guess what...yup it was her first time on camera. Lachelle and Larin were already familiar with each other but they had never had a threesome together. Lucky for us they did today. ...



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