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Most Recent Webisodes

Update Name: off season

Date Added: 2009-03-31

Welcome once again to Money Talks annual spring break coverage. This week we travel down to wild and crazy Mexico in search of some hot spring break action. First up we convince a hot little blond with a perfect little rack to get licked up and down and become our very own human body shot. Then we do the unthinkable... We actually found a spring breaker crazy enough to stick a smoking hot chile habanero in his butt and then eat it. Too bad he didnt know that Havoc bit the tip off before she shoved it in there. After that we have a no holds barred full contact game of topless football. For our last stunt we actually ran into a loyal Money Talks viewer who was willing to do basically anything for money, and who are we to disappoint a true fan. ...

Update Name: Trading Places

Date Added: 2009-04-28

Spring Break was out of control this year and the Money Talks crew got into some crazy shit. Thats why for this update we are going to bring you a little more of that wild spring break action. First up we bring back an old Money Talks classic, Bootylicious beer. After that we run into two big girls on the street and get them to try on the tiniest bikinis we can find, the results are hilarious. Then we catch up with a family that did not realize that it was Spring Break in Cancun when they booked their family vacation. Lucky for us the Mom was a party girl at heart and flashed us in front of her kids. After that we manage to grab a foxy ass girl off the street and get her to give us a little flash and upskirt action, for the right price. The scene for this update is a spicy one. We take a male and female porn star and hit the streets looking for a couple with an open mind, and a little earning potential. Remarkably they were willing to experiment for a fist full of Benjamins......

Update Name: Student Loans

Date Added: 2009-08-31

On this episode of Money Talks, we are shaking our ass to the music by playing a little game where we pay a girl to stick the worlds smallest mp3 player in her butt, and then have people off the street put headphones on and name the the song coming out of her ass. Then we pay a fiery red head to receive an atomic thong wedgy compliments of her best friend. After that, Havoc and the Money Talks crew, accompany Jmac to the university book store to get him ready for the fall semester. Lucky for you we are always rolling and we found a couple of college kids ready to do anything to make a buck. One guy agrees to get slammed in the face with a big ass text book and his buddy agrees to step into our car and get a nice hand job from his lady friend. The poor guy could even get his cock hard, so we kicked him out and sweetened the deal for his fine ass lady friend by having her fuck Jmac. This episode is so hot that Havoc even joins the action and gives Jmac a nice tug job. You dont want to miss this one. ...

Update Name: Hard ball

Date Added: 2007-08-07

This week was out of control. Another episode with no class and plenty of ass. We set it off with naked sushi. That should be self explanatory. Then that is followed with a few flashes of major hooters. Next we have an urban hydroslide which is great entertainment. Then, we have the infamous cock roulette which you will have to see to believe. Then, we have the vagina ring toss which is always tons of fun. Then, we have a thing we like to call lizard balls. Finally, we have a few girls who just love to play hard ball. Plenty of sucking, fucking, stunts, and cunts, and much more. ...

Update Name: Call of the wild

Date Added: 2007-10-31

Welcome all to our HALLOWEEN special. This update is all about getting dressed up...or should I say undressed. We got magical naked fairys spreading joy to the world...thats not all she spreads. And great BIG ridiculously huge pumpkin size tits in some jump rope action. Just think of this broad the chick you envision working out naked when you go to the gym. And then add a couple bra sizes to your fantasy and you got this chick. We also got some crazy ass dude fucking a pumpkin in a chicken outfit...whats HALLOWEEN without a pumpkin. For the main course today we have a group of unsuspecting broads that went in for some body painting and left with more than just paint on their faces. Enjoy, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN....

Update Name: Play for pay

Date Added: 2009-05-12

After that we took a little ride with Havoc in search of a nice couple willing to take a crash course in driving stick. The only catch is that we have to use the guys cock as the stick shift and the girl has to drive topless. After that we get two sisters to show us exactly how close they are by doing the unthinkable, we convinced them to apply chap stick to one another butt holes and then apply the same stick to their lips, the results are fucking hilarious. For this weeks juicy porn scene we got a really good one. While waiting at the greyhound station for one of out buddies we met up with two smoking hot babes with one big problem. One of them got their bags lost and is in desperate need of some cash to continue their trip to New York. Lucky for them they met up with us, and after a little persuasion they agreed to come back to our place for the chance to make some cold hard cash....

Update Name: Incum taxed

Date Added: 2008-04-15

Have you ever seen a human toilet. Neither have we, so this week on Money Talks Nadine finds another brave contestant to disguise him as a toilet and go undercover in to the girls bathroom. Unfortunately for him, he gets maced. Also this week we wrap up our Spring Break 2008 coverage with another addition of the booty popping, rump shaking Wheel of Bikini. Later in the show, Nadine convinces a guy to paint his face completely black with a permanent marker, and we put yet another couple to the test, the Finger Jerk test. Then check out how the money talks crew gets their taxes done, they convince a hot little accountant to do their incum taxes, and lets just say that she is not exactly getting a refund this year....



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