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Most Recent Webisodes

Update Name: Party bust

Date Added: 2008-05-26

StrThis week on your favorite dysfunctional web show, we will show you Part 1 of our multi part series, Big City Chronicles. In this episode we begin to really see the effects of recession, mixed in with a side of I dont give a fuck. First up we got a guy on the street to give his friend a pedicure, except the catch was that he had to do it with his mouth. Then we finally unveil one of the coolest helmets youre never going to want to wear The Money Talks Stink bomb helmet. Then we got this girl with a humongous, for lack of a better word. ass to give us a quick little poll dance... :) Then we ran around the beach in search of some good ole tittles ad came up with some pretty sweet results, as a matter of fact it went so well that we met this one little piece of ass on the beach, took her back to the limo, and showed her how to make a dollar the hard way. Dont miss a minute because we are just getting started....

Update Name: Deal or no feel

Date Added: 2008-07-08

This week on Money Talks we pay tribute to our forefathers with a 4th of July extravaganza. In this episode we find 9 red blooded Americans to participate in games both patriotic and erotic. Our Oil Wrestling showdown features babes in body paint representing the U.S. and Britain. Tug of War is given a modern update, with anal beads instead of rope, asses instead of arms. While youre waving your freak flag high, dont miss a minute of Fire in the Hole, an extreme stunt involving a girl, a Roman Candle and countless explosions of cumfetti. For the finale, we end the episode with a proper bang, our local studs find ladies who want to celebrate their independence...the American way. Support our spoofs, and make love, not war....

Update Name: Dong riders

Date Added: 2008-02-05

This week on Moneytalks we decided to go out and find some athletes who were willing to take part in our 1st annual Naked Olympics. You gotta tune in and see the drama unfold between two teams battling it out in oil wrestling, javelin, hurdles, archery, ring toss, deadlift and the insane cock toss. From the big bouncing titties that lights the torch to the penetration in the javelin, its an event you cannot miss. Moneytalks Olympics 2008. We even have two equestrian riders trading their horses in for a ride on a pink trouser pony. Layna and her friend took the loot and agreed to ride hard secluded in a horse stable....

Update Name: Blow in the dark

Date Added: 2008-04-30

Lets see... Do you like Beetlejuice, Extreme Sports, Naked Chicks, Motorcycles, Wet asses, Breathing, and humongous buttholes. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are going to love this episode. This week we took some of your favorite extreme sports, but we played them with a twist. With hot naked chicks that kinda suck at sports except they look hot all the time. Dont miss a minute of the crazy action as Nadine is joined by her special guest host.. Beetlejuice. Ever been to a blackout party. Neither have we, but we heard some freaky ass shit be going on at these parties, so naturally we decided to throw one. We put out an anonymous ad for a Blackout party and low and behold some hot little chicks showed up. Lucky for us these two smokin babes were willing to party MoneyTalks style....

Update Name: Soak me down

Date Added: 2008-04-02

Dont miss this week when our two new smoking hot hostesses fill in for Nadine and earn their stripes in Rosarito Mexico. These two chicks were so out of control...they spent the day combing the beach for freaky girls and crazy dudes that are ready to go all the way for money. These people were so psyched to be on spring break that they were willing to do anything. We got people to stick bottle rockets in their ass, chug the hottest hot sauce around, stick lollypops in their coochie, we even got them to punch each other in the face, and thats just to name a few.... Dont miss a minute. Then catch our WET T SHIRT contest where we got some of the contestants to win some extra cash afterwards. Sex in the clubs is back and the action is all here on this weeks MONEYTALKS....

Update Name: Gas for ass

Date Added: 2008-06-24

This week on Money Talks, we kickoff the update with us gettin a girl to walk into a very public place and do something very personal, and the results are pretty freakin hot. To close out the stunt portion of the show, we crash a local pizzeria and get two guys to have a piping hot pizza eating contest. For this weeks dessert we have the classic damsel in distress. One day while putting gas in our SUV, and wondering why it is that a Hummer is necessary in this day in age, we started talking to his beautiful blonde chick. Turns out she was in the middle of her road trip when daddys credit card stop working. Being the problem solvers that we are, we did what any red blooded American would do ...

Update Name: Lunch munch

Date Added: 2008-02-20

Dont miss a minute of this weeks episode, You will have to see it to believe it. In the mist of all the madness T decided to check out a classic ride his buddy was rebuilding. As soon as we got to the warehouse we noticed the hot lunch girl in extra tight shorts and small shirt selling food from her truck and forgot all about the car. We tried to get her into the warehouse but she was not having it until T started flashing the green... c ya inside!...



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